The Idea

Two brothers, 1 with experience as a IT Consultant and one who was a Graphic Designer got a chance to setup a company with 1 customer. No company name, no offices and no idea on how to run a business.

Q1 2013

The name and Logo

We still needed a name. For those that know Matthew and Graham they are addicted to any form of watersports including powerboat racing. We decided we wanted a name that represented something to do with water and something quirky. After lots of names where thrown around we landed on Blowfish Technology, the partnership. Matthew then got his creative juices flowing and hand drew the logo.

Final%20Logo Q1 2013

First Office

We had a business, a name, a logo, customer but we had no office. We decided to follow lots of great tech companies and created a office in the garage.

incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 Q2 2013

Product Catalog

We determined quickly that we needed a product catalog. Again Matthew got going designing futher logos for the suite of products to follow. We subsequently launched Turtle Total Support, Dolphin Design, Stingray Spam Filter, Octopus Content Management System & Starfish Web Design. incubator1 incubator1

Q1 2014

New Office

Due to a need to grow our development team. We decided to move to an incubator office in West Lancashire Investment Center in Skelmersdale.

incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 Q2 2014

3 members of staff

Q3 2014

New Website Launch

Our new web developer was tasked with developing our new website to help with our marketing stategy.

Q1 2015

Office Move

As the business grew we ran out of room in our box, so we moved to the other side of building to a much larger office.

Q2 2015

6 Staff

Micheal, Stephen and Daryl joins the team.

Q4 2015

Office DLC : Down comes the wall.

Due to a demand for more space and the need for a comms room we took the office next door and took down the dividing wall.

Q2 2016

Comms Room

As a business we needed to host applications internally plus we needed to provide lab environment for our engineers.

Q2 2016

9 Staff

Our development team and support team continued to grow and April Palfreyman joined as the company administrator.

Q2 2016

New Meeting Room

As a company we were hosting more and more meetings, training sessions and product demonstations which meant we needed our own board room.

Q3 2016

11 Staff

Our Support team continues growing.

Q3 2017

DLC : Engineers Build Room and New Comms Room.

The team needed more room to build compelte networks for clients and we had a demand for a disaster recovery environment for clients so, we expanded into a new purpose build comms and build room.

Q3 2017


We needed more room for our build room we doubled it size by closing down the comms room and took space in a tier 4 datacenter in Milton Keynes. We also took space in a Datacenter built in a bunker in Bletchley Park for our data vault. Our products are now fully managed in our own environment backed by a ISO27001 Datacenter boasting dual power (dual generators with 7 days fuel), dual air con and dual 10gb internet.

Q3 2018

12 Staff

We acquired the help of a external salesman to help getting our products and services known.


Blowfish Cloud

With our environment now sat in world class datacenters we partnered with VMware to become a service provider and built "Blowfish Cloud", a fully VMware backed public cloud.


Blowfish Cloud Growth

We opened up two more datacenter locations for our cloud clusters, located in Manchester with internal fibre connections between them allowing for non internet unrestricted data transfers.

2020 Q3

Sales Team

An opportunity arose to employ a long time business friend, who has know the company since its inception. We welcome our New Sales Manager, Nick who has been tasked with building our sales team and strategy.

2020 Q3

Blowfish Technology :

Invasion of Hattersley Court

We moved from a Managed Office to our own premises.

incubator1 incubator1 incubator1 2020 Q4

18 Staff

Including the growth of the Sales Team.

2021 Q1

New Website Launch

Despite the uncertainties in the world, 2021 has seen blowfish technology continue to grow both in terms of customers and staff numbers, with the latter now exceeding 18 employees. 2021 has also seen the launch of our new website and the promotion of April Palfreyman from Office Administrator to Social Media Manager, tasked with getting our business better known in the North West.



The future is bright for Blowfish Technology with plans to grow its cloud team, support team and development team. Our Ultimate goal to becoming the premium IT Support company in the North West.