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Blowfish Cloud

What is Blowfish Cloud?

Blowfish Cloud is a VMware backed private cloud using all the latest technology. Completely owned by Blowfish Technology Ltd with facilities in multiple top tier datacenters throughout the UK and Europe.
We can service single VMs all the way up to private VMware/Microsoft clusters.

We can fully manage your environments with our inhouse engineers utilising latest monitoring and security products, ultimately removing the cost and management ofthe infrastructure from yourself. Rent and Forget. Your users can simply work without the hassle of managing complicated environments.

Alternatively you can manage your own environments utilising your own internal IT Team.In this case we provide a cloud portal allowing you to access and manage your environments. Various VPN technologies are supported facilitating connection your cloud environments to your physical environments.


Our team at Blowfish Technology have partnered with VMware to cover a range of private/public cloud services. We have tier 4 datacenters with a uptime of 99.999% fully secure with ISO 27001 accreditation.

virtualmachines Virtual Machines & Datacenters

From single virtual machines to complicated clustered private datacenters, we can design and build the best environment for your business.

worldcloud Public Clouds

Share our cloud with other tenants or have you own private area within the cloud. Share the costs, pay as you go, grow and scale, following the model made popular by Microsoft Azure and Amazon's AWS.

privatecloud Private Clouds

Private infrastructure either onsite or in our datacenter. Single Tenant, pay for what you may need and grow into it.

hybrid Hybrid Cloud

Mixture of both private and public cloud. Connect both private and public cloud for complete flexibility.

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Technologies Used in our Cloud

Other Hosting Services

Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting, fully managed and secured by Blowfish Technology. Your website is tuned and runs in isolation. This provides the fastest, most reliable solution that Blowfish offers. This is build within our Blowfish Cloud ensuring the host has 99.99% uptime. This can also be combined with a database installed on either a dedicated server or a dedicated sql server. This is highly recommended solution for heavier websites or for companys, who dont wish to share infrastructure.

We can also design a high availablity solution within our multiple datacenters utilising Load Balancers and database replication.

Shared Hosting

Websites are hosted on servers which are shared with other websites. Most SME market websites are hosted in this way. If you dont have a demanding website then this is the most cost effective way of hosting. We offer up to 1gb of space for shared hosting as well a shared mysql database.

Hosting Specifications

  • Windows and Linux Hosting
  • PHP, ASP.NET, Node, Ruby, Coldfusion supported
  • Databases Supported - Mysql, MariaDB, MS Sql

Database Hosting

We provide the following Databases

Mysql & MariaDB

MySQL: MySQL has generated a strong following since it was started in 1995. Organizations that use MySQL include GitHub, US Navy, NASA, Tesla, Netflix, WeChat, Facebook, Zendesk, Twitter, Zappos, YouTube, and Spotify. You can check the full list here:

MariaDB: MariaDB is being used by many large corporations, Linux distributions, and more. Organizations that use MariaDB include Google, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Archlinux, RedHat, CentOS, and Fedora.

We can provide either on a shared platform or on a dedicated platform. We can also over cluster versions.

Microsoft SQL

The Microsoft relational database management system is a software product which primarily stores and retrieves data requested by other applications. We can provide many different versions and configuration to match your requirements.


MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need.

A number of modern applications are utilising a combination of MongoDB and Mysql to provide there backend database infrastructures.

We provide dedicated installs of Mongo for your application.

Crate DB

Blowfish Technology have been hosting CrateDB for over 5 years. We have developed systems to utilise this unique product.

CrateDB is the number 1 database for IoT-scale and is purpose-built to scale modern applications in a machine data world. This offers incredibly fast data ingress and querying.

CrateDB is a clustered environment, and we can host complete clusters across multiple datacenters.

Bare Metal Servers

Blowfish can provide HPE DL Series Gen 10 Bare Metals Servers to your specification, and featuring Microsoft or Linux Operating Systems and HPE Ilo Remote Connectivity.

Blowfish offer a range of services including management and monitoring of your server if required.

We can also offer hosting of your existing equipment. We can also plug your equipment into our datacenters and create your own private network and interface it with out cloud servers if nessecary. Please contact us for more information.

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