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Blowfish Technology Ltd have built strong relationships with the leading service and equipment providers, which means we are able to provide your business with the best solution to meet your requirements.

Having a fast, reliable connection to the internet and constant access to your email are critical to businesses. Technologies like VOIP, Unified Communications and Cloud Services all depends on a strong connection.

Blowfish Technology can assist with all aspects of your business connectivity solutions.

Our Services

ADSL Broadband

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, a broadband connection that uses home telephone lines to transfer data from your provider to your home. As telephone giant BT owns the UK's landline infrastructure, it is likely you will be using their phone line for your connection.

That doesn't necessarily mean that your broadband has to be supplied by BT. You can buy ADSL packages from Blowfish Technology and get support directly from us. We do all the "heavy lifting" if you have a problem we will deal with the BT Engineers that manage the physical infrastructure.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the cabinet is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable. The fibre optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point (commonly called a roadside cabinet), hence the name fibre to the cabinet. From this distribution point a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the broadband connectivity.

This is the same scenario as ADSL where BT provide and support the physical infrastructure but you can buy the connection from Blowfish Technology.

Leased Lines

Leased lines can be used for many purposes, including linking two offices together, linking an office to a pre-existing corporate WAN, carrying phone calls from your office to your telecoms provider and linking data centres together. The protocols to be used, and the uses to which the leased line are put can vary widely depending upon customer requirements.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile (EFM or Ethernet Internet) is a low cost leased line technology with huge cost savings over traditional fibre leased lines, bringing mission critical connectivity within the reach of small business. EFM provides symmetrical bandwidth at speeds of upto 20 Mbps with no contention. "Symmetrical" means that the upstream and downstream speeds are the same, and uncontended means the bandwidth is not shared, so is not slowed down by outside users, and remains consistent.

Business Mobile

Blowfish Partners with all major UK Networks EE, Vodafone & O2
Blowfish can supply the latest mobile solutions to meet the needs of your business, offering a variety of competitive and flexible plans to meet you requirements - keeping you in control of your businesses communication costs and delivering you the best value.

  • SIM Only packages
  • Data SIM's & dongles (Mobile Broadband)
  • Phone Insurance
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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