From simple wesbites to full business management systems
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What we do

First impressions have always been important and remain so in today's world where most customers first contact with your business is made online. A badly designed website can give potential customers the wrong impression. Mistrust, sloppiness and bad service can all be perceived through poorly designed web sites.

Here at Blowfish Technology we bring our skills and knowledge together to deliver great web sites that perform well and leave the best possible impression.

Web Development
Qualified Developers who can design and develop your new website.
Mobile Application Development
Our developers can help you build the next great idea!
Business Systems Development
From simple custom relationship systems to full business management systems.

Our Services

Software Development

Software development is totally focused and unique to your business helping to improve it and move your business to the next level.

The focus is to tailor your systems, enhancing all processes with a view to saving time and money.

Software development is about innovation. By ensuring exceptional communication, efficiency and productivity is enhanced by customisation. Developing software with you for your business is all about helping you to make your business more streamlined, efficient, and profitable.

Application Development

Applications or apps are stand alone pieces of software or programs that are designed to fulfill a particular task. Many apps are built for the mobile market e.g itunes (iOS) and google play (Android). Although Web apps are still in high demand, for example a floor area calculator would be an ideal app to add to a flooring web site.

Apps can be a great way to generate interest or a useful function to add to a web site

API Integrations

Our developers have been developing with 3rd party api's there whole careers. Contact us for help and information if you are struggling to integrate your app with an API.

Examples of API Intergration Includes:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Paypal
  • XERO
  • Slack
  • Discord

Business Management Systems

Blowfish Technology have developed a business management software framework. This enables us to build custom Business Systems to match your exact business requirements.

We have built systems that including Customer Relations Management, HR, Management Architect Bidding and Planning, Engineer Visit planning and scheduling, Ticketing Systems, Contract Management Flows, Documentation Management, Billing Management and much more.

The systems can be and are integrated into many systems including 365, Slack, Discord, SMS, Xero Accounting, Sage, Paypal, Google Api's and many many more.

Reporting Systems

Blowfish Technology have developed a business management software framework. That enables use to build reporting systems to match exact business requirements.

Customer Relationship Systems

Blowfish Technology have developed a business management software framework. That enables use to build custom CRM Systems to match exact business requirements.

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