Protection for all Businesses

This weeks 'quick blog' is focused around a recent share from our Sales Managers on LinkedIn. This was post a re-share from Bitdefender regarding ‘the Myth’ that “Security prevention products that protect against ransomware are too complicated for a smaller company to deploy”

At Blowfish on an almost daily basis we will have an enquiry from an SME asking about the complexities of rolling out and managing ransomware protection. These enquiries will be from business owners who've ether ‘fell victim or almost fell’ to some sort of phishing scam or ransomware attack. The attitudes range from "I didn’t think it would happen to my business!!", to the misunderstanding of thinking that it would cost thousands upon thousands of pounds to roll out, to the total myth of not believing that small business with a few users can put in place a sophisticated defence for a manageable monthly investment.

The answers are; it’s not that complicated, a solution can be rolled out to a business of any size, the investment will outweigh any loss, the peace of mind knowing your business safe, secure, and protected is priceless.

Cyber security threats to your business, your livelihood, your monies are very, very real. Investing in the time to understand more about cyber security is the first step, and in our humble opinion it’s a critical step that every business owner should schedule the time to discuss with your managed service provider.

Blowfish have customers ranging from 1 user to over 2000, we have prevention products and solutions that cover this sizing spectrum as we understand that one size and solution does not fit all. The one thing that all these companies do have in common is that they have us administering and managing the solution for them, with adaptive, intuitive, protective technology. This allows us to identify potential intruders, threats, and scams, keeping them as safe and secure as we possibly can so they can concentrate on growing their business not worrying about it.

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