About Us

Blowfish Technology was founded by two brothers. One with a background in Graphic Design, the other with a background in Programming and IT Architecture. The company was founded with the idea that small to medium sized businesses may not have time to deal with multiple partners for their marketing and IT requirements. We have realised that this one stop shop for all digital needs, suits not only the SME market but also larger corporations who want a true digital partner to guide them in the mindfield that is IT. To help with this endeavour they have grown their team from the original 2 to over 20 engineers and developers. Blowfish have invested heavily in thier own cloud / hosting environment so that we can provide custom managed services to all our customers.

Blowfish Technology's team are all qualified PC technicians and they have range of qualifications including Microsoft System Engineers, Cisco Certified Professionals and VMware Certified Professionals.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To procure a value-added technological environment for small-to-medium sized businesses that will spearhead business growth and foster innovative changes.

At Blowfish we won't settle for being average or even good at what we do. We strive to consistently deliver outstanding services.

We believe in accountability for our actions, from how we initially engage with our prospective customers, to how passionate our service and support team are about resolving queries and taking ownership to resolve complex technical enquires as they arise. We are proud to onboard all of our customers making them part of the Blowfish family and our tech community.

Our Vision

To create an enduring partnership that everyone wants to be a part off. By everyone, we mean our existing and future staff members, clients, partners, and suppliers. We aim to retain our current employees and clients in addition to attracting new ones with our status as a phenomenal IT managed service provider.

Our Culture

We are clear communicators. In a world crowded with over the top Jargon, simplicity always wins.

We put our clients first. Once the contract is signed, the real work and real relationships begin.

We are listeners. We don't assume anything and try to understand your needs and perspectives, only then can we make the correct decisions

Our Commitment

We are certified professionals and trusted, we always take a proactive approach to your technology to help propel you forward.

We believe the right innovations and IT solutions are there to accelerate your development - solutions built to scale.

We have a diversely gifted IT support staff that are always there when you need us.

Our Core Values

We believe that values have to be a guiding light for any meaningful and successful partnership and must be reinforced on every level and every exchange.

These are the essential qualities we look to foster in our current team members and seek in prospective employees. People with these characteristics have the emotional intelligence and teamwork skills necessary to help our company maintain an exceptional level of service.

That is why our principles are an integral and foremost part of our platform, and we carry them in all matters of business.

  • Accountability;
    Always Accountable for our actions
  • Engaging;
    Always there to listen and we never take the easy road
  • Passionate;
    We always take pride in the work that we complete
  • Aspiring;
    Always aspiring to be better and looking to the future
  • Willing;
    Nothing Is ever to much trouble for our team
  • Family / Community;
    Blowfish is like family

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